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Software Development

We are a team with extensive experience in developing and deploying software. We have worked with clients across various industries, including healthcare, finance, education, and more.

Why Us?

We offer broad industry expertise, and specialized guidance in AI. Our team is cost-effective and can develop software without the overhead of building a team.


Software development without overhead to build a team. Quickly reach MVP.

Broad Industry Expertise

Extensive expertise across various software stacks and experience leading diverse teams.

Specialized Guidance

We specialize in AI (LLM) integrations, full stack web development, blockchains, and robotics.

Growth Services

Interim CTO Services

Bridge the gap between business vision and tech execution. Our Interim CTO services help startups with roadmapping, team building, leadership, and tech.

Recruiting and Team Growth

We excel in recruiting top talent and growing dynamic teams. Our expertise in building efficient, skilled teams ensures your projects are handled by the best in the industry.

Adanomad has been a great partner for Arcwise. In just 6 months, they built out key projects including our integrations with BigQuery, DuckDB, and Postgres integrations, as well as MLOps support for training & deployment of our in-house LLM models. We'd highly recommend them for anyone looking for engineering support!

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Tap the potential of LLM

We can help you leverage the power of LLM to improve your business processes and operations.

Email us at [email protected]