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Arcwise Project - Adanomad Case Study

image: Arcwise Project - Adanomad Case Study

A technical overview of how Adanomad enhanced Arcwise's data analysis and AI capabilities.

Arcwise Project: Data and AI Solutions

Adanomad collaborated with Arcwise Technologies to tackle the challenge of converting complex spreadsheet data into actionable SQL through advanced AI techniques. This six-month project aimed at enhancing Arcwise’s data management and machine learning capabilities.

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Challenge: Spreadsheet to SQL Conversion

Arcwise needed to transform detailed spreadsheet data into SQL queries efficiently, a process critical for enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

Solutions Provided

Data Management Integration

We integrated BigQuery, DuckDB, and Postgres to establish a unified data infrastructure for Arcwise, facilitating seamless analysis and insight generation.

MLOps Support

Our team streamlined the training and deployment of in-house LLMs, significantly improving innovation speed and feature deployment.

Prompt Engineering

We applied prompt engineering and fine-tuning techniques to ensure Arcwise’s models were optimized for their specific needs, focusing on performance and accuracy.

Dataset Development

We constructed a training dataset from Arcwise’s spreadsheet data, enabling the AI to accurately translate user inputs into SQL outputs.


This partnership elevated Arcwise’s technological capabilities, setting new operational standards. Our solutions have become essential to their analytics and AI initiatives.

”Adanomad’s engineering support, especially in BigQuery, DuckDB, Postgres integrations, and MLOps for our LLM models, was pivotal.” - Hanson Wang, CTO at Arcwise.

Our work with Arcwise demonstrates Adanomad’s commitment to delivering customized, impactful tech solutions, reinforcing our position as leaders in software consulting and AI innovation.

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