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These are small projects to showcase interesting ideas and technologies. They are not meant to be production-ready.

Fund AI Training DAO

A DAO that allows us to crowdsource funding and vote on the best AI models to train. Also leverage AI to help us find bugs in solidity contracts.

Fund AI Training DAO Built at ETHGlobal Waterloo 2023

ZAP (ZK Ads Platform)

Web3 privacy-conscious ad-buying platform using users' onchain history for ad recommendations.

ZAP (ZK Ads Platform) Built at ETHGlobal Paris 2023


Blockchain marketplace where people get paid to help train decentralized ML models and don't need to share their data with anyone.

DeML Built at ETHGlobal NYC 2023


Roam in the metaverse with a NFT token gated community. Built on top of the Roam protocol.

Roamverse Built at Cardano Project


Roampool is a stakepool for the Cardano blockchain. It is for a community of Roamers who are interested in Cardano and want to help decentralize the network.

Roampool Built at Cardano Roamverse Project